YS 96 SRX Tareq Bearings

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  • YS 96 SRX Tareq Bearings
  • YS 96 SRX Tareq Bearings


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Bearing Kit

Complete front and rear bearing set for above listed engine. NOTE that ALL Heli engines should have a plastic retainer rear bearing and ALL SAITO engines should have a sealed front bearing!

All bearings sold from RcBearings are ABEC-3 tolerance class or better!
Beware of other dealers who sell lower quality ABEC-1 bearings at higher prices!



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    seizes when open side faces cylinder

    Posted by James R Gaba on 24th Nov 2018

    seems like bearing needs to face with closed side facing the cylinder or else it'll seize once shaft nut is tightened.

    RCB: Seems like YS may have done something different with this engine such as an unusually large radius where the bearing seats. Yours is the first and only report but we will keep an eye on it.

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