OS 37H Bearings

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  • OS 37H Bearings
  • OS 37H Bearings
  • OS 37H Bearings


About RcBearings

Thousands of customers and manufacturers depend on our bearings to get the job done. When you want the highest quality bearing, look to RcBearings to find the right bearing for your application. We have been handpicking and testing the best bearings for over a decade. We guarantee our bearings with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Bearing Kit

Complete front and rear bearing set for above listed engine. NOTE that ALL Heli engines should have a plastic retainer rear bearing and ALL SAITO engines should have a sealed front bearing!

All bearings sold from RcBearings are ABEC-3 tolerance class or better!
Beware of other dealers who sell lower quality ABEC-1 bearings at higher prices!



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2 Reviews

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    Best value and quality

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jan 2017

    O.S 37sz-h will be running smooth for this upcoming season. I replace these bearings before every season as preventive maintaince.

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    nice replacement bearings for OS37

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jan 2015

    I am fairly new to nitro, and when my OS37 stopped working one day I opened it to discover that the rear bearing was rusted. I had not been using after run oil because the manufacturer of the nitro fuel claimed that it was not necessary. I was glad to find these replacement bearings for a low price at RCBearings.com. Paul was very helpful and gave me tips regarding the bearing replacement procedure and prevention of rust. So far, these bearings are performing well. They are much cheaper than the stock bearings. The 30 size nitro helis are very rare nowadays, and I am glad that RCBearings still carries these replacement bearings for the OS37 engine.

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