ASP .61 High Speed two stroke bearings

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  • ASP .61 High Speed two stroke bearings
  • ASP .61 High Speed two stroke bearings
  • ASP .61 High Speed two stroke bearings
  • ASP .61 High Speed two stroke bearings
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ASP .61 High Speed two stroke bearings

Front Bearing: 6900ZZ 10 X 22 X 6 Bearing
Rear Bearing: 6903 17 X 30 X 7 Bearing
Cam bearings (if used):


RCBearings  engine bearing sets are high quality alternatives to expensive OEM part number bearings.  Made to exacting tolerances, you can expect a long, trouble-free life at a fraction of the cost. All of our bearings come from trusted suppliers that we have worked with for years (some for 30 years) to make sure we give you the best bearing we can at a reasonable price.  We don't buy from bulk suppliers, all bearings are made to our specs.  As a matter of fact, We believe we are the ONLY company offering high speed stainless steel bearings custom made for us.

Our Standard bearings are made from AISI 52100 bearing steel and front bearings come with non contact shields or seals depending on your particular engine. If you run your engines within the manufacturers speed range for general sport flying, these are the best bang for your hobby buck.

Our High Speed sets come with a Japanese high speed plastic retainer and the proper clearance for high speed operation. You really only need these bearings if you are into racing or other activities that require the absolute max RPMs from your engine. Testing by a nationally ranked pylon racer showed that these bearings gave between 300-600 more RPMS than the standard Thunder Tiger 40 bearings used in Sport Quickie racing. These bearings are custom made for us. Ask the others what makes THEIR bearings high speed!

Stainless Steel bearings are made from heat hardened 440C stainless bearing stock.  This steel is hardened to well within the requirements for standard steel bearings.  Since it is a heat hardened stainless, it is magnetic!  It is actually referred to a corrosion resistant steel so tiny rust spots can appear on it but usually not enough to affect performance.  If you had rust issues with standard bearings, these will all but eliminate that problem.

NOTE:   All heli engines above .35ci should use a rear bearing with a high speed plastic retainer!  We source our retainers from Japanese manufacturers that make the best.  There used to be almost daily postings on heli forums of pictures of destroyed engines due to retainer failures.  That is until OS and Thunder Tiger went to plastic retainers!  Beware of other sellers that try to pass off cheap standard bearings for your expensive heli engine!

Because of their crankcase design, ALL Saito engines should use a sealed front bearing!  This is to prevent excessive leakage out the front of the case all over your aircraft.

NOTE: You don't need to remove any shields or seals from front bearings! Shielded bearings have a small gap between the inner race and the shield so oil easily gets in there.  Sealed bearings come pre-lubed with a high quality grease that is good for the life of your engine.

If your engine isn't listed, call our Technical Support line and we will see if we can make up a set for you.  We have over 400 different bearing types in stock and thousands more available.

We only sell premium industrial grade bearings with most being ABEC-3 or better.  We never sell cheaper hobby-grade bearings! Our bearings are used in such products as museum art reproduction printers, underwater propulsion systems, hotrod manufacturers, military wind tunnel testing, semiconductor manufacturing, commercial printers and world-class competition model aircraft. We have partnered with several manufacturers for over twenty years to produce bearings to meet or exceed our customers exacting requirements.


Did not workout?  No Problem!  We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Fast, Fast, Fast! We will try ship it the same day it is ordered!

Trusted Seller & Support

Technical support only (what bearing do I need, etc): (720) 480-5879 M-F 0900-1600 MST

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