15X35X8 Open Bearing for YS 6202/W8

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6202/W8 5 X 35 X 8mm Bearing, YS0701, YSE0701

RCBearings 6202/W8 bearing is a specialty bearing mainly used in many YS Engines larger 4 strokes.

Make sure you measure your bearing before ordering this one to make sure they are the same size.  If your engine parts manual calls for a YS0701 or YSE0701, this is the one you want.

Some of the engines it is used in:

1.20 FZ

1.40 DZ

1.60 DZ

1.75 DZ

and others.

This is an ABEC-3 tolerance class bearing with CN clearance.

We only sell premium industrial grade bearings with most being ABEC-3 or better.  Our bearings are used in such products as museum art reproduction printers, underwater propulsion systems, hotrod manufacturers, military wind tunnel testing, commercial printers and world-class competition model aircraft. We have partnered with several manufacturers for nearly twenty years to produce bearings to meet or exceed our customers exacting requirements.


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