Affiliate Program


Here is how it works:


We provide a link to place on your web site, Facebook or Twitter account

Your visitors click on that link and are sent to our site

When visitors buy products from our site using your link…

We send you CASH!


Our store is currently averaging about 5% Conversion Rate (number of people who visit the site and actually buy products) among unique visitors. The industry standard for a good average is about 2%. With current trends showing a general decline in online retail Conversion Rates, our store has continued a pattern of growth. Our Conversion Rate is higher because we have a web site that is easy for shoppers to find what they want, and we only offer the highest quality products for the money. This all adds up to increased cash for you!  Use the contact us page for more info or sign up here: Affiliate site

* You will also need a Paypal account for us to send your cash to.

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